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The 20 Best Apps for Sneaker Releases in 2021

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Author: Milan Lengyeltoti

Published: Aug 13 2021

When it comes to limited sneaker releases on websites, you need two things to secure your grail. Luck or a bot, maybe even both. However not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars for sneaker bots and also learn to use them properly. Luckily, there's another way: sneaker apps where anyone can stand a chance to cop sought-after pairs.

Luck is undoubtedly an important factor, but it is also essential to gather information on a specific release. There are many retailers, and brands with different drop methods, so you have to know when, where, and how the release will go down to maximize your odds.

In the first part I'm going to cover the best apps for upcoming sneaker releases, where you can purchase shoes through raffles and other type of release methods. In the second part you'll find the best apps for sneaker release dates, which you can use to stay up to date on sneaker news so you don't miss out on any important drops.

The Best Apps for Sneaker Releases


Loading screen of the number one sneaker app called Nike SNKRS.
The upcoming section of the SNKRS app featuring the most coveted sneaker releases.

Whether you hate it or love it, Nike's SNKRS app is the number one sneaker app in existence.


The SNKRS app gives home to Nike's most coveted clothing and sneaker releases. It's much more than an app to simply purchase items. There is a whole entertainment section in it where you can find various stories, live videos, and kickchecks featuring sneakerheads from social media wearing Nike sneaks.

Unluckily, we don't have the secret recipe on how to win a raffle on SNKRS but here is how it works:

The release method varies. Usually, it's either a regular release, where you have approximately two to three minutes to enter, or a draw where the raffle is open for ten, fifteen, or even thirty minutes depending on the release. Other than that, Nike often hands out exclusive access, which grants access to a specific shoe for some of its lucky users. From time to time, they even do shock drops and "interactive" releases for some of their products through the app.

It's the most advanced sneaker release app in existence. Nike's algorithm follows your engagement with the app and takes that into account when it comes to handing out exclusive access. Check out our Instagram post where we gave away a couple tips on how to get exclusive access on SNKRS.


Loading screen of the Nike app with the well known swoosh logo in the center.
Home Screen of the Nike app showcasing the newest Nike products.

The Nike app is a great place to shop for general products while there are occasional limited sneaker drops too.


The Nike app offers the same products as their web store in the form of an app, which can be handy if you prefer a mobile experience. The app is mostly for shopping for Nike products, but sometimes you'll find popular kicks dropping there, including Jordan 1 Mids and Dunks. The release method is similar to the SNKRS app's regular release, where you have two to three minutes to enter. They say the earlier you are the better chances you have so it's best to stay on high alert when something drops.

Limited releases are much less frequent compared to the SNKRS app, but you can get exclusive access to limited products here too. You can use the same account for both the SNKRS and the Nike app. The best is having both Nike apps in your sneaker app collection. That way, you'll never miss a drop, whether it happens in SNKRS or in the regular Nike app.


Loading screen of the Confirmed app with the Adidas Originals logo in the center.
Home Screen of the Confirmed app lining up the latest clothing and sneaker releases.

The confirmed app gives home to the most limited Adidas clothing and shoe releases.


Lately, Adidas has shifted their Yeezy releases from their website to their applications. Most of their limited releases take place in the Confirmed App in the form of draws. These draws usually last for days, but I've seen them last for only thirty minutes, so it's worth turning on notifications. Just like Nike, Adidas sometimes hands out exclusive access for limited sneakers, but they mostly do it for products that had already been released in the past.

Unfortunately, the Confirmed app only supports certain countries. To find out whether your country is supported or not, you have to look it up on your device's app store. If you find it and it's available for download, then your country is supported.


Loading screen of the Adidas app with the three stripes logo in the center.
Drops screen of the Adidas app featuring the latest clothing and sneaker drops.

Limited drops rarely happen in the Adidas app. It's more useful for in-store reservations for hyped kicks.


These days, limited releases rarely occur in the Adidas app, so it mainly just offers the same products as the website. However, I'd not be surprised to see some hyped items dropping since there have been in-store reservations popping up for Yeezys in the app. When those happen, you have to enter the draw and get selected to pick up the sneakers in-person at an Adidas location.

The Adidas app is more widely available than the Confirmed app, but there are still plenty of unsupported countries.


Loading screen of the JD app displaying the JD logo in the middle.
Home screen of the JD app promoting the Tokyo Olympics x Adidas clothing collection.

Get ready for the endless wave of sneaker raffles with the JD app.


JD Sports might not be known to everyone and you might think it's just another boring sneaker app where you'll take Ls on sneaker raffles, it's not! The method they developed is unique in the sneaker app scene. They offer a paid membership option called JDX Unlimited, which costs 9.99£ yearly. It comes with many great benefits, like early access to exclusive sneaker launches and sales, plus free shipping on every purchase.

If you do the math, it's a pretty good value for the money. The caveat is that being a UK company they currently only support UK residents (you also have to be at least 16 years old to use JDX Unlimited). Hopefully, they will extend their membership to other countries since there are many JD Sports locations across Europe and the US.


Loading screen of the SNS app with the SNS logo in the center.
Sneaker release calendar of the SNS app where users can enter raffles.

You can find the hottest new releases in the SNS sneaker app.


Sneakersnstuff is a Swedish store established in 1999. There you can find the latest hard-to-find sneaker releases such as Adidas YEEZY and Nike x Off-White Collections. They get almost every limited release, and what's better is that they have a sneaker app where you can participate in raffles for them. The draws usually last for quite some time, so you won't miss the drops if you check on the app only once in a while.

While their release calendar will show you the current and upcoming sneaker raffles, you can also browse the feed to learn more about the current trends, collaborations and to take a look at general release products. SNS also has its own branded clothing line, which they usually showcase through the feed.

Size? Launches

Loading screen of the Size? Launches app showing the Size? Launches logo in the middle.
Launches screen of the Size? Launches app where sneaker raffles take place.

The Size? Launches sneaker app lets you enter many sneaker raffles. However, they'll take your money upon entry.


Size? has been in the sneaker business since 2000. Their Size? Launches app serves the sole purpose of running raffles for limited kicks. After making an account, you can find all the ongoing raffles under the "Launches" tab and all the future ones under the "Calendar" tab.

They put a twist on raffles by pre-authorising the payment and holding your money in advance when you enter the draw. If you don't win the raffle, they refund it. If you win, the payment goes through much quicker. This might sound scary at first but this method ensures that bots don't make the raffles unfair. And you'll always get your money back if you don't win, but it can take a couple business days depending on your bank.


Loading screen of the KITH app with the KITH Logo positioned in the middle.
Home screen of the KITH app promoting the latest KITH Team USA Olympics clothing line.

The king of sneaker collabs. The KITH app can be quite buggy at times, but there are many releases where you can take your shot.


Kith was established in 2011 by Ronnie Fieg in NYC. Since then they've grown to five retail stores. They release almost every limited pair in both their stores and through online raffles which you can enter using their app.

To be fair their app leaves a lot to be desired, which shows in their App Store and Play Store ratings. Still, it's included in this list due to their sneaker release repertoire. They often collaborate with brands like Nike and New Balance on sneakers which usually end up being sought-after releases like this Nike Air Force 1 Kith Paris.


Loading screen of the END. app with the END. logo in the center.
Home screen of the END. app showcasing the latest launches.

Raffles and restocks. The END. app is easy to use and offers many opportunities for sneakerheads to cop the latest sneaker releases.


Without a doubt, END.'s app is a must-have sneaker app. Their app doesn't just let you enter raffles for limited kicks. You can also catch restocks of coveted styles. Surprisingly it's often much easier to cop on sneaker restocks through their app than their website, which tends to freeze and stop working during high traffic.

One drawback that comes with END. is the higher than normal retail prices. They usually have the highest retail price for their products compared to other previously mentioned stores. Of course, it doesn't matter much if you end up winning a pair that would have cost triple that on reselling marketplaces otherwise.


Loading screen of the SVD app with the SVD logo in the middle.
News screen of the SVD app showcasing the newest Nike sneaker launch.

Sivasdescalzo is famous for dropping even the most limited sneakers via raffles. However, you must download their app if you want to enter.


The Spanish store called Sivasdescalzo is a great place if you want to purchase the newest sneaker releases. Just like most of the other sneaker stores, they run raffles for their more limited products. However, you must download their app to enter their raffles.

The app is very well designed, and you can also find a release calendar where you can check what's dropping next. It's straightforward to use, and all you have to do is fill out your shipping and billing information to enter one of the many hot sneaker raffles. Upon entering a raffle, you might have to approve the transaction on your card, but you won't get charged until you won the raffle.

Finish Line

Loading screen of the Finish Line app displaying the Finish Line logo.
Shop screen of the Finish Line app showing the latest clothing and sneaker releases.

Finish Line is only available in the US. Their app can be used to enter sneaker raffles and to check out upcoming sneaker releases.


Finish Line's website isn't for those who want to cop sneakers manually because bots usually eat up the stock during a hyped release. However with their app you still stand a chance by entering raffles for the newest and coolest limited kicks. They also implemented a reward-based status system where you can gain rewards by shopping at Finish Line.

This one is more for the American sneakerheads since Finish Line is only available in the States. However, if you've got a friend there, it's worth asking them to open up a Finish Line account and go for the releases.

Foot Locker Brands

Login screen of the Foot Locker app promoting the FLX membership.
Login screen of the Champs Sports app showcasing the FLX membership.
Login screen of the Eastbay app showing the benefits of the FLX membership.
Login screen of the Footaction app offering the opportunity for it's users to join the FLX membership.

Four birds with one stone. Create an account with one of the Foot Locker brand apps, and you're ready to join sneaker raffles in all of the them!


Foot Locker




The Foot Locker, Champs, Footaction, and Eastbay apps have the same system and design since they all fall under Foot Locker, Inc. As with Finishline, they do first come first serve releases on their websites, but it's almost impossible to grab a pair without the help of a bot. Foot Locker has dedicated websites for some European countries, but their apps are only available in the US.

However, their apps are a must-have if you live in the US. The reason is that by having one account registered with Foot Locker, you can go for the same sneaker release raffles in all four apps. Sounds good, right? You can even earn points in their FLX reward system by shopping at their stores which can help you have a higher chance at securing a pair through their raffles. The only downside is that you have to pick up your sneaker in-store once you've won a raffle.


Supreme loading screen with the Supreme box logo in the center.
Supreme categories screen where users can choose the type of products they'd like to purchase.

Supreme's app won't be the most frequently used sneaker app in your repertoire, but it's worth having it ready as a backup plan.


While it might be surprising that we included Supreme as one of the best apps for sneaker releases, Supreme does have sneaker releases occasionally. Vans, Nike, and Timberland have collaborated with Supreme many times in the past and they likely will in the future as well since the Air Jordan 1 x Supreme collection is rumored to be dropping in Fall 2021.

Getting a sneaker off of Supreme's web store is not the easiest thing in the world, but if their website crashes or freezes, you can have their app as a backup plan to cop sneakers. To ensure you don't miss a Supreme release, sign up to their mailing list and give their app a refresh every Thursday at 11 AM GMT! This is the exact time when Supreme drops its weekly collections during the season.


Loading screen of the NTWRK app with the NTWRK logo in the middle.
Shop screen of the NTWRK app where users can buy currently in-stock sneakers.

One of the most unusual sneaker app nowadays. Representing the video shopping experience.


NTWRK is famous for mixing entertainment and shopping. In their app you'll find exclusive content with big names in the sneaker industry like Jeff Staple. Popular releases often take place during a live broadcast in the app.

Other than limited sneakers, there are one of one customs and some very unique garments sold in their app. You can only find these items here since it's a mobile-first video shopping platform.


Loading screen of the Copdate app with the company's slogan in the middle.
Upcoming sneaker releases screen of the Copdate app.

The buddy of sneaker stores. Copdate runs sneaker raffles so you can pick up your grail hassle-free at your local retailer.


Do you hate standing in line at your local skate shop for the latest SB Dunk release? Copdate got your back! Created to make copping sneakers hassle-free, Copdate works with brands and retailers to run raffles in their app for sneaker drops.

While most of the stores you can follow on Copdate to join sneaker raffles are in the US, there are a couple of stores from Europe, Australia, and Brazil too! They only handle the reservations, so if you are one of the few lucky winners, you'll have to pick up and pay for your kicks in-store.

The best apps for sneaker release dates


Sneaker calendar screen of the J23 app showcasing the upcoming sneaker releases.
Notification feature of the J23 app notifying users of the latest sneaker drops.

The ultimate sneaker app for Jordan fanatics. From release dates to the latest Jordan news and the history of Jordans, it offers extensive information in this space.


The one and only paid app for sneaker release dates on our list, J23, will provide you with the most up-to-date sneaker release dates and information on where you can cop your sought-after pairs. As the name implies, it mainly focuses on Jordan releases. But who wouldn't want to know where they can buy the latest Jordan models, right?

It costs a one-time fee of $1.99. You can also use it to learn interesting facts about your favorite Jordan kicks. If you're new to the sneaker game or just a true Jordan fanatic, this sneaker app will give you the essential knowledge, so it's definitely worth a try.


Loading screen of the KicksOnFire app with the KicksOnFire logo in the middle.
The news screen of the KicksOnFire app informing users of the latest sneaker releases.

Sneaker news, release dates, and shopping. KicksOnFire offers its users an all-inclusive experience.


You'll notice when you open the KicksOnFire app that it's a little bit of everything. The main feature of this sneaker app is providing sneaker release dates, but you can also remain up to date on what's going on in the world of sneakers by looking through the news section.

The most significant distinction between KicksOnFire and other sneaker apps is that you can buy sneakers through KicksOnFire for resale. Still, their prices are usually higher than the average market price. They have an in-app currency called coins which you can use to enter giveaways. You have two options to get coins. You can either purchase them or watch ads to fill up your balance.


Login screen of the SoleLinks app.
Upcoming releases tab of the SoleLinks app showcasing upcoming sneaker releases.

SoleLinks is the best for monitoring sneaker sites and catching restocks. You should turn on notifications to get the most out of this app!


SoleLinks has a distinct and incredibly useful feature that earned it a spot on our list of the best sneaker apps. The app sends you alerts when shoes drop or restock. Of course, you can check in advance when specific models will release. However, sneaker restocks either happen randomly or on very short notice. The notifications will ensure that you're not left in the dark when something hits the market. It'll also provide a link along with the notification to the exact web page where you can purchase the sneaker. This way, you can get ahead of the herd and be amongst the first few people to cop on a restock.

If you want to be 100% sure not to miss on drops and restocks, start following their Twitter account with notifications turned on for every tweet. They also often send out notifications on heavily discounted items, which sometimes can get you a steal. The best thing is that they monitor websites worldwide, so it doesn't matter where you are located.


Home screen of the Unlaced app where users can discover it's various features.
News section of the Unlaced app where users can learn more about both upcoming and past sneaker launches.

Unlaced's design will make it somewhat tedious to check sneaker release dates. However, you'll get more and more detailed information in Unlaced than in other apps.


  • iOS
  • Not available on Android devices.

Unlaced's sneaker app won't show you sneaker release dates in a calendar form, making its use a little more tedious. However, the app is very much centered around the sneaker community and has features that are pretty useful for true sneakerheads.

Their news section offers the most up-to-date info on upcoming sneakers in the form of detailed articles with backstories and even information about how and where the specific sneaker will be available. The discover feature will show you sneaker events that you can attend to meet fellow sneaker lovers and cop some rare kicks in-person. Their discover section has been pretty dry lately, but hopefully, more events will be featured there in the future.

Sole Supplier

Home screen of the Sole Supplier app where users can search for any sneaker.
Upcoming screen of the Sole Supplier app showcasing upcoming sneaker release dates.

Fantastic design and intuitive user interface. Sole Supplier can also be helpful when you're looking for a sneaker that has already released in the past.


  • iOS
  • Not available on Android devices.

The best design award undoubtedly goes to Sole Link on our best sneaker app list. This app's unique feature is that you can also search for past sneaker releases and check whether they are still available. Plus it'll automatically show you the cheapest retailer.

If you're into limited clothes too, then you must check this one out. They have a dedicated page for clothing as they do for sneakers with info on both upcoming and past releases. You can also find items on sale in both the sneakers and clothes section.


Home screen of the SoleInsider app lining up upcoming sneaker release dates.
Analytics screen of the SoleInsider app where users can learn useful info of the sneaker market.

Sneakers and clothing. The most distinctive feature of SoleInsider is the analytics they provide on the sneaker market.


As we're finishing our list of the best apps for sneaker release dates, you might think it's unnecessary to download another sneaker app. Hold your horses, fellow sneakerhead! Through years of chasing kicks, I've learned that having backup plans might make or break your success of copping a pair of limited shoes.

Sole Insider is very similar to the previous app on the list, Sole Supplier, since they both provide information on clothing and the two apps's layouts are almost identical. However, Sole Insider's app has a unique feature called analytics. With that, you can check the most sold, most profitable, and most popular sneakers in a given time frame. I wouldn't say their analytics is entirely accurate, but it's pretty fun to look at how the sneaker market behaves from a data-driven standpoint.



Sneaker price comparison feature of the CopDeck iOS app.
Sneaker inventory management feature of the CopDeck iOS app.

The sneaker price comparison and inventory management feature saves time and money whether you're selling or buying kicks.

While our CopDeck app isn't made to cop on sneaker releases, it can be a very helpful addition to your sneaker app collection. If you want to sell one of your kicks, or you took an L on one of the past sneaker releases, and you're looking for a place to get your sneaks, CopDeck will come in handy.

How? Our price comparison feature will help you find the best prices as both a buyer or seller on the primary sneaker reselling marketplaces.

Other than that, there are many helpful features of CopDeck that you can utilize daily as a sneaker enthusiast. Sharing your sneaker inventory, tracking the value of your collection, and calculating monthly financial statistics are just a few of the features offered by the app that can make your life a lot easier.

If you want to learn more about the CopDeck iOS app, head to our website, where you can check out all the upcoming features and sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date with the development of CopDeck.