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The Best Websites To Sell Your Sneakers in Europe - Are Restocks, KLEKT, StockX, GOAT Legit?

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Author: Milan Lengyeltoti

Published: May 17 2021

Thanks to the exponentially growing sneaker resale market that could reach 30$ billion by 2030, the number of places where sneaker enthusiasts can pick up their grails and resellers can flip their pairs are soaring.

We tend to doubt newcomer reselling sites and stick to the "good old" ones, but this is often not the best choice. Different platforms have different prices and practices. So you might get a better deal on another site than where you initially intended to sell on.

I have gathered and analyzed the best platforms serving the European sneaker community. At the moment, you still have to spend some time manually comparing prices but don't you worry. When the CopDeck App is out, it will break down this process, so it will take seconds to find the best possible prices.



Warehouse Location: The Netherlands

Trust Pilot Score: 4.7

Selling Fees:

  • Resell Method 10% + Shipping Fee based on location
  • Consign Method 5% + Shipping Fee based on location

Subdomains like, etc. are all part of the legitimate platform but with country-specific currencies and languages. They are the youngest market on our list, and their consign system also makes them unique. When you sell on Restocks, you've got two options "Resell" or "Consign." The Resell option works the same way as StockX and Klekt, where you send in your shoes for authentication after the buyer has purchased your product. With the Consign method you get lower fees as a seller but you have to send your shoes to the consign center right after listing them. Buyers also benefit from the consign system since they can have the product delivered in 1-2 business days.

I can personally vouch for Restocks' legitimacy. I've used their services many times and never encountered any problem with them. Their Trust Pilot rating is exceptionally high, with 4,000+ reviews.



Warehouse Locations: Germany, The Netherlands

Trust Pilot Score: 3.7

Selling Fees:

  • 17% + Shipping Fee based on location

Klekt is the oldest player in the European sneaker resale market. They claim that Klekt is the "safest way to buy and sell sneakers." While they are 100% legit, their reselling process is unique in that sellers have 24 hours to confirm a sale. This addition becomes handy when you sell the same shoes accidentally on two different platforms. Other than that, their process is the same as StockX's; they serve as a middleman, connecting sellers and buyers and holding back on the money until they verify the product.

While their Trust Pilot score is only 3.7, they are a trustworthy marketplace for sellers and buyers. I've used them a few times and I had a great use of the sale confirmation feature, which saved me from penalties that I might have received.



Warehouse Locations: United States, England, The Netherlands

Trust Pilot Score: 3.5

Selling Fees:

  • Level 1: 9.5%
  • Level 2: 9%
  • Level 3: 8.5%
  • Level 4: 8%
  • On top of the Selling Fee: Shipping Fee based on location + 3% Payment Processing Fee

Often referred to as the "Market of Things'', StockX is famous for its diversity. From shoes to PlayStation 5s, you can sell and buy many different things. They are completely legit, and both their website and app are the easiest to navigate with great features. The only way you can sell on StockX is by putting up an ask or selling for an existing bid. Then you send in your item, StockX verifies it and you get the money.

Their reputation suffered due to the infamous data breach in 2019. Sometimes I see buyers complaining about getting used shoes or sellers receiving penalties with their shoes returned for ridiculous reasons. Nevertheless, StockX is an unavoidable player in the sneaker resale market with its vast product offerings and the fastest item processing and payout times.



Warehouse Location: United States

Trust Pilot Score: 4.2

Selling Fees:

  • Base Commission Fee 9.5%, and can go up to 25% according to the seller's actions
  • Seller Fee based on location ranges from 5$ to 30$

GOAT is another legitimate source for limited footwear, apparel, and accessories. Their marketplace is strictly regulated. They only allow a select group of sellers who have to go through a verification process. On top of that, GOAT sells both new and used products. The newly launched GOAT Clean program offers used but professionally cleaned sneakers. They not only work together with individual resellers but also retailers and boutiques. Their 4.2 Trust Pilot Score is no surprise. GOAT, being the strictest marketplace, takes the extra step to ensure a satisfying experience. They don't have a warehouse in Europe, so buyers have to take possible VAT into account.