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The Painful Truth About Sneaker Botting

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Author: Milan Lengyeltoti

Published: June 1 2021

Have you had enough of never copping on any releases? Or you want to start your sneaker reselling business? In both cases, it'd be normal to think that a sneaker bot would solve all of your problems. However, the truth is that it probably won't.

While many successful sneaker botters out there make a killing out of buying hundreds of sneakers for retail, that doesn't mean that it's easy to recreate their success. If you have no experience, it'll probably turn out to be a tough challenge in the early days.

Successful sneaker botting requires knowledge and a significant amount of both money and time. This article intends to give you an overview of what awaits you as a newcomer sneaker botter.

Buying the Bot


Bots sell out the same way as shoes do, and they have their own resale aftermarkets. The easiest way to buy one is on a bot trading discord server like BotMart. You can also follow bots' Twitter accounts to catch a potential restock and get them for retail. Your chances are low, but it's worth a try.

The price of a sneaker bot is mainly influenced by the supported sites, amount of copies present on the market, and its consistency of success. Some of the most notable names like DragonAIO can fetch as much as 14 000€. If you are not quite ready to sell your kidney for a bot, you also have many cheaper options.

However, be careful when choosing a bot. There are a lot of scams out there. I've seen developers quit their projects, leaving users with unsupported products that may stop working at any point.

The Complete Setup Is Much More Than a Bot


Proxies are essential for every botter out there. It allows you to run multiple tasks in your bot without getting your IP banned. Their price depends on their type and quality, but you can expect to spend hundreds of euros, if not thousands, on proxies each month depending on the amount of task you are running and the number of bots you are using.


Servers are not mandatory for success. However, if you've got a crappy computer and unreliable internet connection, then you definitely need one. Server prices vary based on their hardware. You can rent a decent server for around 100€ a month.

Captcha Solvers

Captcha Solvers are a must if you are botting a website where you need to solve a crazy amount of captchas which would be impossible manually. Captcha solving services charge a couple of cents per solved captchas, so it's the least considerable cost involved in botting.

Gmail Accounts

Gmail Accounts can be helpful whether you are botting sneaker raffles or going for other types of releases. In the case of raffles when you need hundreds of email addresses, you could get along with cheap Gmails that cost less than a euro each. However, one-click Gmails cost around 6€, which are used to solve captchas as fast as possible.

I'm Ready!


You got your bot, proxies, captcha solver ready. You also fully familiarized yourself with your bot and the website you want to cook. Ready to cook the newest Jordan 1s? Not to curb your enthusiasm, but nothing is guaranteed in the world of sneaker botting. Even a perfect setup can flop during a coveted release.

It's all about consistency. It might take up to a year to figure out the best setup so you can cop the first decent amount of pairs. I'm not trying to scare away potential bothletes but rather show you the side of sneaker botting that you rarely see in the perfect world of Sneaker Twitter.

If you would instead choose the less complicated way of copping sneakers for retail, you might want to check out our Instagram Post, where we lined up the best apps to cop sneakers for retail manually.