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How to Reship Sneakers That Can’t Be Shipped to Your Country

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Author: Milan Lengyeltoti

Published: June 21 2021

Almost every sneakerhead out there has been in the situation when they realized at the last step of checkout that the product they are trying to purchase can't be shipped to their country. It can be very frustrating, and I know because I've been there a couple of times too.

There are many different scenarios when a foreign address can come in clutch. Some stores might not ship to your country at all, or they might ship only specific releases. Brands sometimes regionally segment sneaker releases, which means they release a specific model in only one region. For example, we've seen Adidas and Nike dropping region-specific colorways of their kicks.

Luckily there's a solution provided by reshipping groups for all shipping-related problems. In this article, I'll discuss the essentials of these services and touch upon how you can become a reshipper yourself.

What are Reshipping Groups

They offer addresses from all around the globe where members can safely ordwer their packages. They usually operate on Discord servers, where you can request the addresses they provide and network within the community. Reshippers handle the process of receiving and forwarding the packages. All reshippers are vetted to ensure they're trustworthy people and adequate for the role.

Here's how it works: All you have to do is order a package to one of the reshippers and then pay a fee to them for their service. After that, you have two options. You either pay additional shipping fees to get it sent to your home, or you can have the reshippers send it straight to a reselling platform (like StockX), so you don't have to pay shipping fees. It's pretty cool, right?

Types of Reshipping Groups

There're two main distinctions between the types of reshipping groups. First, they can be public or closed, and second, subscription or non-subscription based.

There're no particular procedures to join public groups since they usually provide an unrestricted link to their Discord server or have a website where you can create an account for free. Conversely, if you want to join a closed group, you usually have to sign up for a waitlist or catch a restock to grab a membership.

Each subscription-based group has a low monthly fee (approx. 6€), but the service fee for packages is much lower (approx. 7€). Non-subscription-based groups are free but operate with much higher service fees (approx. 14€). Subscription-based groups are the best bang for your buck. You pay less per package in the long run since the monthly membership fee stays the same whether you get just a couple or hundreds of packages.

Reship Colony is the most significant and most affordable player in the reshipping game, with bulk shipping discounts and 15 days of free storage time. If you want to join a subscription-based reshipping group that offers many addresses from all over the world, it's worth keeping an eye out on their Twitter to gain your future spot.

Is It Worth Joining?


It's worth joining a reshipping group, even if you go manual on most releases and you aren't a hardcore reseller. A window of opportunities can open up for you, and it's not just about the shoes anymore, since GPUs and gaming consoles often drop on country-restricted websites.

If you are a botter, having addresses from different regions can put you on a whole new level. You can go for many more sites than before and max out your chances of copping, especially if you are botting Foot Locker in Europe. They've got different web stores with individual stocks for each country, so you can significantly improve your odds by running in multiple countries at once, which you wouldn't be able to do without a reshipping service.

Botting multiple websites in different regions require more effort and functioning proxies, but that's a story for another CopDeck blog post.

How to Become a Reshipper

Reshipping Groups usually post announcements and application forms when they are looking for additional reshippers. However, it's worth checking out their country repertoire since yours might be missing. In that case, there is a high chance you could get hired as a reshipper. Before applying, I'd suggest considering the pros and cons of such a role.

What are the pros? It can be a great side hustle if you've got enough space for packages and also have a flexible schedule. Another great thing is that reshippers don't charge a service fee for fellow reshippers in these groups.

What are the cons? If you aren't well prepared, it can get overwhelming and unmanageable. It would be best if you had a lot of packaging materials and maybe a shipping label printer. Having to deal with customers can get frustrating, but that's rather the general nature of customer service.