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How to Get the Most Out Of Copdeck Price Alerts

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Author: Milan Lengyeltoti

Published: June 6 2021

Whether you want to sell your kicks for the highest profit or cop your grail for the low, knowing the best possible price is the goal. With the free CopDeck Desktop App, you can compare asks and bids side by side across StockX, Klekt and GOAT. We strive to save you the time you would otherwise waste by doing the whole process manually, plus save you money by showing you the best price.

You can set alerts for products on StockX, Klekt, and GOAT through the price alert feature, so you get notifications when asks and bids move. This way, you can make sure you don't miss your desired price.

In this article, I won't be going into every detail like in our YouTube video tutorial, but rather show you the usefulness of our simple but powerful app.

I'm Selling My Kicks


As a seller, you'll look for the platform with the highest ask. On the price comparison page, you can find which platforms have the highest ask, so you'll know where you can get the highest profit. Later, you can decide whether listing your kicks a couple of euros under the highest ask would get you the money you want.

If not, then you might still want to hold onto that pair, but obviously, you don't want to check it every time how it is doing on the market. By setting two price alerts, you can make sure you don't miss either a rise or a dip. One that would notify you when the highest ask goes above the price that you'd sell for. Then another alert that would tell you when the ask goes below your price floor.

I'm Buying My Grail


As a buyer, you'll look for the platform with the lowest ask. You'll see all the lowest asks highlighted with green next to each size on the price comparison page. If you are not okay with the lowest price across the platforms, you can still switch to check bids. After checking everything and not finding the right deal, the last stop is setting a price alert.

You can save some serious money purchasing a sneaker at the right time because waiting a couple of days, especially after the initial release, could have a huge difference. When you've already got your eye on a shoe but are not sure of purchasing, you can set a price alert for those kicks. Putting a price alert that notifies you when the shoe falls below a specific price could help you to snatch your grail for the low.